1. Clean and oil your knives after each use. 80crv2  and 1095 steel can be prone to rusting if not cared for, but a simple whipe down with with a clean cloth to remove dirt, followed by a light coat of oil will go a long way to keep your knives looking new. WD40, 3-in-1 oil, or even cooking oils will work. 

2. Throw into different targets! The fastest way to ruin a knife is to hit it with another knife, and this is even more important when throwing a knife with handles. I highly recommend a IKTHOF Style 3 target set up, but if space is limited adding 3 Bullseye's on one board is best. Throwing in a "Grouping" might look cool, but hitting 3 distinct targets is a true test of skill and accuracy.

3. Throw over gravel, grass, or wood chips, and avoid concrete and asphalt. If you have to throw over hard surfaces I recommend laying down a sheet of plywood, foam floor pads, thick carpeting, or even cardboard to help prevent damage.

4. Carry a fine "bastard" file to knock off nicks and burrs to avoid cutting your hands.