Werner Lengmüller BIO

2012 Eurothrower / Italy Forno Avoltri
Knife 5m 3.

2013 German master Hawk – Herrischried
Hawk 4m 1
Hawk 7m 2-

2013 Eurothrower / Czech – Nivnice
Knife 3m 1.
Knife 5m 2.
Knife 7m 1. And new EU Record
Hawk 4m 3
Hawk 7m 3.
Total Hawk und knife 1.

2013 World Champion ship / Texas – Blanco
Knife Texas tree step 2.
Knife exas Hurricane 2.
Knife Duell 1.
Hawk Long distance 2.
Hawk Gold cup 1. world champion
Hawk Walk back 1. World champion new world record

2014 Eurothrower / France Callac
Knife 5m 3-
Knife Walk back 2.
Hawk 5m 2.
Hawk 7m 2.
Hawk Walk back 2.
Knife Silhouette 1. World champion
Knife Triskell 2.

2014 World champion ship / Texas Austin
Knife Silhouette 3.
Knife Texas three step 1. World champion
Hawk Gold cup 1.
Hawk Walk back 1. World champion and new world record

2015 Czech Masters
Knife Total stupid game 3 -3,5 4 4,5 5 5,5 6 m first place never do before

2015 Eurothrower World championship / England Nottinghamshire
Knife 3m 2.
Knife 5m 1.
Knife 7m 1.
Knife Walk back 2.
Hawk 4m 1.
Hawk 5m 1,
Hawk 7m 2.
Hawk Walk back 2.

2015 World champion ship / Canada Pembroke
Knife Texas three step 1. World champion
Knife Silhouette 2.
Knife Gold cup 1. World champion
Knife Walk back 1. World champion World record 276 point
Hawk Long distance 2.
Hawk Gold cup 1
Hawk Walk back 1. World champion new world record 270 point

2016 Hungary Rigac cup / Alsomocsolat
Knife 3m 2.
Knife 5m 2.
Knife 7m 1.
Knife Walk back 1.
Hawk 4m 1.
Hawk 5m 1.
Hawk 7m 1.
Hawk Walk back 1.
Silhouette Knife 1.
Knife long distance 2.

2017 Eurothrower / Hungary Alsomocsolat
Hawk 4m 1

2017 Eurothrowers / Ungarn Alsomocsolad
Hawk 4 m – 1.

2018 – Eurothrower / World Championship Rymarov – Czech
Knife 3m – 1.
Knife 7m – 2.
Hawk - walk back -1.

2019 World Championship Canada Pembroke
Knife No spin Walk back 3.
Knife walk back 3.
Hawk Gold cup … 1. World champion
Hawk Walk back 1. World champion


1) Even as a child I threw everything I could find screwdrivers, large nails, knives that I could find or steal, but of course rather amateurish half-turn millitary up to about 5 meters quite well. As a teenager I had other interests and so I forgot the whole thing, until 2012 I only wanted to buy an outdoor knife on the Internet, then happened to see throwing knives and order them. Of course it was junk. But I didn't know any better then, it was just for fun. Walter Steinbeck, my good friend, came along and there is information on the Internet for the European Championship and World Championship. It was a lot of fun for us and we got better and better, at some point I switched to rotation around what was completely new to me and was totally easy then more throwing knives were added I bought everything I could get it was more and more fun and soon we got better and better. Walter told something about Maniago and the European Championship. I looked at the results from the previous year and at this point we could already throw and beat the points. The plan was because we are going to Maniago. I had the Pro Balance from Cold Steel that was the best I could find for me. First competition Italy Maniago 2012, third place from 5 meters knife after duel with Piere Cazoulat was a tough fight that I won, and fourth in the overall standings. Since then, I've been enjoying winning. I then told every thrower in Italy that I would win everything the next time and become world champion. I was laughed at, they didn't know me yet. Back in Germany I built my first knife out of sheet metal and I was immediately 20% better. I made myself smart how the professional goes with steel and hardening and everything you need. I built the first really good throwing knife in October 2013. It was really good. I threw this throwing knife every day for 11 months and I threw my ax every free minute in rain, snow, icy windows, no matter what, weekend up to 12 hours without a break, always for hours and now and then in between (I never had to train an ax is so easy).

2) I taught myself all this, there hasn't been a better knife since I had my own knife. I easily beat Maniago's points in training. 2013 Nivnice Czech Republic I was the overall winner with the most points. 2013 Texas World Championships - World Champion in Tomahawk, 1st Gold Cup Tomahawk and new world record in Tomahawk. Knife also second third first no idea I have to look I do it at the end. That was my most important win, why? I had promised you many still smiled ha ha I was world champion. And why did I do it? Because I had made the hardest discipline my favorite 7 m knife.

3) 7m knife favorite discipline.

4) My favorite knife or hawk is always a work of mine and that is constantly changing. At the moment it is the slag no spin and rotation the ax is basically always the same, just looks a little different from time to time.