Louis Prince BIO

Hello, I’m Louis. Who are you? I started throwing “knives” about 35 years ago. More like any old thing with a pointy end. I played games like “stretch” throwing screwdrivers no-spin into the lawn. Didn’t even know no-spin had a name back then. I threw broken scissors and homemade shuriken, I called “ninja stars”, into my bedroom chest of drawers. I got in big trouble for that and still have the battle scared chest of drawers in my children’s bedroom. When I was about ten I got my first real good “throwers”, at least they we’re for me at the time. A “Rambo” knife, K-bar looking blade with a saw back, a big fat hollow handle and compass. 😮 I also got a United dagger 🗡 with a textured rubber handle and a fuller, that I called a “Blood Groove”. To me at the time this was the coolest knife I’d ever seen! I ran around throwing that knife into the ground, stacked firewood, trees (😳...I was ten 🤷🏻‍♂️) my friends back yard fence, (Also got in big trouble) and anything I thought it would stick in. There weren’t any available resources for me to learn then. No social media, the internet wasn’t a thing. So I fumbled my way through learning on my own into my early teens. Then as life changes through that period, I got interested in other things, school sports, girls, partying. Then my own place a job and other responsibilities and only threw on rare occasions. That carried on for about the next 20 years. In 2015 after another slump in the oilfield and some major life changes, I decided I was going to work for myself. A friend of mine got me into stabilizing wood and making knives. About that same time 2015-16, I first seen a trick shot video from Adam Celadin . This flipped on the little switch that had been off since I was a kid. With my new enthusiasm and extra free time, I made some proper throwing knives and started watching and actually learning how others threw. And thus began my journey down the road of the knife life.